Loews Hotel Vogue, Montreal

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Holidays in Montreal

Montreal has an eclectic mix of French and Anglo influences with an array of festivals, sporting events, museums and galleries in Canada. Fine dining, bakeries, bagel shops and cafés provide the perfect opportunity to try the provincial dish poutine. There is also an underground city that features tunnels stretching over 20 miles, lined with shops, bars and restaurants. Cycling is the way to get around this city to take in the sights of Old Montreal and visit the Jean-Talon market.

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Empire Suite Living Room

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Loews Hotel Vogue

Loews Hotel Vogue, Montreal is furnished with luxurious oversized rooms and suites which as the name suggests are elegantly decorated. The chic style rooms are modern and styled with unique Vogue artwork. Labelled the 'Gem' in the Golden Square Mile the hotel is perfectly situated to absorb the cultural side of Montreal but also dive into the vibrant city nightlife.

With a name like Vogue, everything the hotel does is in good taste. This includes the food at the hotel restaurant. Parisian inspired cuisine and exotic cocktails are guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning diners.

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